Message From The Director

                                                                             MVS NATIONAL DIRECTOR


                                                              Mike Foster, National Motor Vehicle Director  


I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Jerome Pittman for reelection to the position of Western Region MVS NBA of the American Postal Workers Union.


It is very unusual for an MVS headquarters officer to get involved in regional Union politics or elections, actually this is my first endorsement in over 15 years as a national officer.


When I selected Javier Pineres in 2013 as my assistant in Washington D.C., that left a vacancy for the Western Region NBA. While I certainly knew and respected Jerome's work in the San Francisco local, at the time of the appointment he was not the craft director of the local, and was not selected.


He took his disappointment very graciously and set about getting elected on his own in an impressive victory over the incumbent.


I have been impressed with Jerome's commitment to the MVS Craft, his eagerness to do a good job for MVS and get it right, his willingness to check with the MVS leadership to make sure his interpretation of the contract and Article 39 coincides with the national's position.


It has been an difficult three years with the USPS continuous attacks on MVS and their attempts to contract out PVS, but with dedicated MVS officers like Jerome Pittman working with Javier and myself we have continued to fight the good fight in the most difficult times. 


I look forward to working with Jerome in the next term, and recommend that he receives your support and vote. 



Keep on Trucking, The Struggle Continues.

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Created by Jerome Pittman